Friday, March 26, 2010

Wake Up AMerica Podcast #207

inĀ·citeĀ·ment [in-sahyt-muhnt] - the act of persuading, encouraging, instigating, pressuring, or threatening so as to cause another to commit a crime.

This week: Republican politicians and teabaggers channel their disappointment
through hate speak and violence. What will it all lead to?
- Is the Pope a pedifile?
- Can the Supreme Court overturn healthcare?
- Netanyahu gets a cool reception at The White House
And, after healthcare,what is next
for the Obama Administration?
Join Kathy, Meg, Nancy, and Brian... that's right
we're all here!
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Wake Up AMerica Podcast #206

This week: Obama forces Fox viewers to rethink healthcare

- Kucinich listens to reason
- What will the right do to stop healthcare reform AFTER the bill passes?
Texas rewrites history, literally.
Chris and Larry join us while Meg and Nancy are away.
Join us!
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wake Up AMerica Podcast #205

This week: The Ancient Roman Senate lives on in D.C.
Still to come.... The Fall of the Empire.
- The Eric Massa "affair" exposes yet another decadent
layer of our government
- Patrick Kennedy loses it on the floor of Congress
- Alan Grayson seeks a new path to the Public Option
100 years of activism, thank you, Granny D

our friend Tim joins us to talk about the Green economy and his trip to D.C.
join us!
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