Friday, June 30, 2006

This just in..We Live in a Philanthropic Social-Capitalistic Democracy!

There is a great editorial over at The World Socialist Website (thanks to Bill over at The Florida Soapbox for making me aware of it) entitled
The philanthropy of Warren Buffett
By David Walsh
here ia an excerpt:

That one solitary human being has nearly forty billion dollars to dispose of, with a good deal left over, is appalling in itself, at a time when 1.1 billion people, one-fifth of the world’s population, live on less than $1 a day and some 3 billion on less than $2. The planet’s three wealthiest individuals in 2005 (including Messrs. Buffett and Gates) had greater wealth than the combined gross domestic product of the world’s 48 poorest nations.
There is, in any event, something intrinsically degrading and demeaning about philanthropy. A society in need of philanthropists is one rooted in inequality, in which the deprivation of the many is supposedly addressed by the largesse of the few. No one can seriously suggest that social problems will be solved in this manner. Especially in America, where an aristocracy has taken shape before our eyes over the past decade and the Bush administration is taking blind, reckless measures to eliminate all restrictions on the accumulation of personal wealth.

Does anybody else besides me cringe everytime you hear the words philanthropy or charity? No? OK how about the words lords or serfs? ( only today they are called CEOs and employees)
We supposedly live in a democracy, well actually it's a republic because we "elect" "our" "representatives" (what does it mean when you have to put quatation marks around everything these days?) to speak for us. Anyway, we supposedly live in a "democracy" but we have this thing called capitalism (no quotation marks needed there) that is waiting at every turn to make a mockery of democracy.
Feudalism was replaced by capitalism roughly around the same time democracy entered the scene. But despite all the patriotic hoopla about spreading democracy, nothing has changed when it comes to the economic relationship between those that take it all and leave little for the rest of us.
We rely on the charitable gestures of supremely rich Americans more and more to put a band aid on social necessities while all of us together pay taxes to support a "war" and the military industry that profits from it. Not to mention the fact that the rich increasingly pay less taxes while the rest of us watch the national debt climb. If we even suggest these days that our tax dollars be channeled to social needs, we are called socialists seeking entitlements and costly government programs.

Well I think if you take a good look at the situation as it is, we all have it wrong.

Who is getting most of our tax dollars? The Military Industrial Complex. And, wait a minute, how are they funded? Through tax dollars. How about that for a costly government program? Then by definition they are the SOCIALISTS!
And the rest of us who are left to fend for ourselves in this "free market economy" for basic social needs? By definition we are the true CAPITALISTS!

I guess maybe I should be reading the Wall Street Journal and I'll send a link to Warren Buffet to check out The World Socialist Website.


What Are We Paying You Guys For?

How much more can the Republican majority in Congress insult the members of the U.S. Military deployed in Iraq?
Instead of working out an exit strategy, a way to bring our soldiers home, the Republican majority are wasting their time and ours with ridiculous, headline grabbing issues such as flag burning and gay marriage amendments.
They give themselves a raise and then work on their reelection campaigns on our dime. Obviously they have no idea what concerns the American taxpayer. Americans want to know what the Republican Congress is doing to end this unnecessary war that is going on forever and costing us our proverbial shirts.
Hey Congresspeople and Senators! Stop wasting our time and money with your bogus debates that only serve to fire up the Taliban Wing of the Republican Party! Address the real national issues! End the Occupation of Iraq, balance the budget and start working on health care issues. That's what we're paying you for!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 28

This week:
-Russ Feingold may be emerging as a leading candidate for the Democratic nomination, but don't take our word, we have lots of clips from the man himself to convince you -Assault on the internet, we need to fight back -The Supreme Court strikes a blow against campaign finance reform -Rush Limbaugh caught with illegal Viagra, we have a shocking revelation as to why he needs it -Dueling Presidents, this remix features a debate between two Presidents, one president who opposed the rise of the neocons and one who represents the culmination of their rise to power (thanks to Carl at Cyber Punk Radio) -Nancy has a shocking confession about her political past - AND Kathy's son may not have go to Iraq! Let's make sure no one else goes! It's our longest show yet, so stay with us to the end!
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Monday, June 26, 2006

VT Campaign $$ Restrictions Unconstitutional Says Roberts Court

Those of us in favor of only allowing public financing for all political campaigns were dealt a blow by the Supreme Court today as they ruled that campaign financing restrictions in Vermont are unconstitutional.(Good to know they still realize we have a constitution even if they only adhere to it occasionally.) Breyer, Roberts, Alito, Kennedy, Thomas and Scalia(what a crew!)ruled that Vermont limits on campaign spending and donations violated free speech and would make it difficult for a candidate to raise the necessary funds to challenge an incumbent. Scalia and Thomas are actually in favor of abolishing all campaign financing restrictions. Why am I not surprised? The dissenters were Souter and Ginsburg with Stevens writing that the restrictions did not violate free speech. He further wrote, "The findings made by the Vermont legislature on the pernicious effect of the nonstop pursuit of money are significant". The more complete story can be found on the website of the New York Times.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 27

This week:
-A US soldier in Iraq faces possible censorship. Our own GodlessKinser of the podcast Watch It Burn, announces his podcast may be up for "review" which could mean the end of a valuable voice from inside Iraq. How many more freedoms must be taken away in the name of their "war on terrorism"?
-Kathy separates the lies from the half-truths in House Resolution 861, which endorses the "stay the course mentality of the White House and can only lead to more deaths in Iraq.
-Forget the occupation of Iraq, were we even justified in the invasion of Afghanistan? It turns out that the FBI has "no hard evidence" connecting Bin Laden to the 911 attacks.
-Howard Dean finally is finally allowed to speak for the Democrats on the national news shows. How did he do?
-Why did Arlen Specter oppose, then suddenly back off from Cheney's end run around the Judiciary Chairman to get to the Judiciary Commitee members?
- And finally when the White House and Congress both fail to materially support our troops where can we turn? Cher, who else?

There are some 500 pound F bombs in this one. You've been warned.
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Who is Cutting and Running?

I get furious when pantywaists like Karl Rove (who avoided serving in Vietnam with a deferment) accuse those of us who oppose an endless war with no exit strategy of "cutting and running."
I'll tell you who has cut and run. The Republicans have cut and run on the American military by lying to them about the mission, by not listening to their generals, by not providing them with proper armor, by not armoring their vehicles properly, by not issuing safe helmets, by cutting VA benefits and by creating a war that makes them rich while killing innocents needlessly.
Every man and woman in the armed forces has volunteered to defend our country and Bush and Co. have cut and run from these honorable people.
It's time for us to cut these liars and thugs loose and run this country without them.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 26

This week:
Our News Roundup:
-Mike Gravel (who?) seeks the Democratic nomination.
-Rove gets off! (We don't mean that! Yuk!) No Indictment! WHY?
-Nancy has a personal story that reveals the hidden agenda of The School of the Americas.
-Cheney goes behind Specter's back. Specter fights back. Specter backs down.
What is going on here?

This week's topics:
ZARQAWI - Who was he? Who paid him? How many lives did he have? How many
legs did he have? ALL WILL BE ANSWERED! (sort of)

-Lt. Ehren Watada speaks out against "the illegal war in Iraq" and faces

-YearlyKos kicks off in Las Vegas. Markos Moulitsas assesses the viable Democratic candidates in the blogosphere. But,are the blogging giants about to be swallowed by the beast? (You know, corporate media control)

-ELECTION FRAUD! It's real folks. What are we going to do about it?
Robert Kennedy Jr. fills us in. We're all ranting and raving on this one.
Tired of stolen elections? We're pissed off!
Join us and get pissed too!
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wake Up AMerica Podcast show #25

We record this podcast on the eve of the Apocalypse and wonder, will anyone be around to hear this?
This week:
-Bush plays the card that is so worn and tattered you can hardly make it out, the marriage is between a man and a woman card.
- Haditha, what happened to the survivors?
-Will a U.S. military officer go public with his opposition to the war risking ridicule and courts martial?
-Nancy reports from the New Hampshire Democratic Convention and we hear from Senator Russ Feingold. Finally, a Democrat who takes a firm stand!
- And Democrats are turning out in large, record numbers at other state conventions. Can the election fraud tactics of the Bush Administration overcome the coming landslide?
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